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How to worship the chineses shrine for your prosperity life?

How to pray for a spirit of house protector in the Small Chinese Shrine  to be fruitful.


The worshiping of wealth and therefore contributes to the family, everyone is happy to do it but it depends on factors such as.

1. Who is the owner or occupant of the house had to have faith. Faith in the spirit to protect you that’s living in” Ti Zhu AIE”, small chinese shrine, first.

2. The operator who invoking the court shrine Chinese Ti Zhu AIE provides accurate knowledge of court ceremonial homage to the owner or person in possession or not.

3. Caring for your own home shrine Chinese Ti Zhu AIE or not. Or respect me, I respect you.

4. Feng Shui or auspicious direction of shrine China Ti Zhu AIE is suit for you.

5. Flying Star in Chinese Horoscope make clash with the householder or person luck in possession or not.

6. shapes, layout, structure, housing, incense burner, vases, number of poles are used, the number of roof, detail and accessory is a sacred temple of fortune, the homeowner or occupant or not. If you want to get the maximum power. I would suggest to do our best to match the fate of the landlord. The shape of the court, when looking at the outside may look similar. If you look carefully considered, it is evident that different specifications, patterns of use, lamps, vases, incense burner housing, a teacup, a label trial, character greeting is sacred. Even the size of the building, the court and all the pieces have to be a sacred, whether it be height, width. Or where the court placed.

How it works

Model 1: A shrine to Chinese Ti Zhu AIE, wish it was brought in correct. When teacher get home set up court. Whether it is home or company, shop. Teacher will ask the owner to date of birth, time of birth of the house to look for an auspicious day is sacred to the court for issuance of a host for the home brew. And teachers need to meditate before the ceremony. The media perception of this person before you who it is. What you need The following faculty members will notice a host of respect for you that you want to use. On the day of the ceremony Teachers will use a compass to measure degrees handsome suit your advantage, and you calculate the profile of the court.
If the original court to be defective, it will let you know. I worship you as the host of The Colour of flowers that do not tell the host, etc., worshiping the wrong light. Most are found Incorrect court location or size of the home court does Repairing & etc.

Model 2: Setting up the Shrine of Chinese Ti Zhu AIE at first time. After teacher checked with my camera and measured with the cast to advantage, the courts, and Calculate all the details of the construction. It takes about 1 week when the host agrees to build, might take 1-2 months to build the court. Time to build up on the details, the materials used to the court. While the courts are doing. I will calculate the auspicious day ceremony brought into your home, you notice that the host will not have time to make arrangements with the court when it is ready. Instructors will lead the court to consecrate the ritual will summoned by the court to install an auspicious day and time I finished the formalities provided. The ceremony of homage in his own home will provide the details to give to the teacher. If not convenient to consult the instructor.

Model 3: Alrealy host a shrine  but wants to change to the new destiny. The court was moved out, how is the teacher going into space to communicate with you, the trader and ensure that the original was Chaiyaphum or not. The existing courts need to change or not. I agree that the court case was still available. The size and shape of the host, but are not fully Aberdeen University. I also moved the court to determine auspicious days old to the new. But if I see that the court is wrong. Not cause power favorable to the host, should be replaced to match the host. I will set a new court designed to host the process of the court and create and steps to invite you to the house, it will be the same format as the first model in all respects.

When we already get the Small Chinese Shrine Ti Zhu Aie and  it suits for divination of owner for worship at home, then the next step would be fruitful to do?

First, we need to understand that faith is only going to make everything successful realization. Everyone should know that the shrine China hit Zhu AIE. He is listed as angels, and you will be firmly in the court building and ceremony brought him up properly, really. You have a real identity, but the view. You is not seen by the naked eye does not have a care home that many people only. But if we take care of you better than you could show that much power. For example, if we have the professional trade. We also pray that you will attract. Inspired customers to flock to the service of us. Asking you to protect the people living in the home. Have you prevent evil spirits from entering the home. Or inspired to go home by the time her husband would be so.

Today livelihood to gain money in everyday life others are heated up every day, no matter where on this planet. Countries rich in many countries the economy is experiencing incredible. Such as American, Greek, etc. We all know it well. Or maybe it’s a natural disaster, violence and imagined before that we had just hit himself on not too long ago. But if everyone is aware of that. What is another dimension of detail than we can see with the naked eye, which is close to us as possible can help us be mindful that we are all incredibly spiritual integrity and loyalty to our customers. We all know it’s serious or not. As an alternative way and Nobody Gets Hurt me. But we must get to know him and have faith in you, as well as some tips on taking care of you, not disappointed there.

Teacher would like to remark that at all. The recipient will be loved always. Anyone that right? The recipient of a resolution that is spiritual. You are grateful and willing to help us if we worship you full power all day. Size is an Earthling Who’s the pic I still feel embarrassed Good chance for a return of that person as soon as possible. The more you are god high, we worship you with all the faith in full strength or you ignore our prayers. Sir, you have a passion, just like humans, but perseverance over.

If we show him that we care, and worshiped him well. You just have to be considerate To love mercy, and I will return the favor. Ready to respond to our prayers, but not that we are relying on prayer alone. We had to work hard to not sit around waiting for success. You can only send power to help us provide a barrier to work, much less another one. Age, everyone wants to help strengthen us as much talent to work. Whether it be human or divine right way to take care of you properly, it does get hard. Just tried before him, every day is very good. You are a treasure to the angels, we really can not complain, do not dawdle, but do not argue with me because you are faithful to their profile. We pray every day, asking for blessings from you. The power of the sacred, it would help us take care of our family and a happy peaceful silver and gold do not run out healthy Career advancement, etc.

The thing to worship shrine Ti Zhu AIE is as follows.

Tea Hot 5 cups, fill cups daily of Finance will not break streamlined no paper jams or paper ngen Tia 5-fold fruit 5 are as follows: pineapple 1 ball, squash and white 1 ball, golden orange one child. , 1 banana, raisins, nuts or fruit, sacred to one child over 5 but if a good mentor teacher before. I loved some of you may need to modify their offerings to the sun. The major general said, referring to seven flower incense.

In morning time should be very good. When the set of begging in front of it. Electrical decorations should turn left, then the court is seven flower incense, flowers split second before him to the door of the left / right. (God Thep Ming Xia) each one before I left 5 incense stick it to him: Ti Zhu . Brought him the respect of Pray the ritual is done daily.

The Day of Buddhism holy 8 night waxing, 15 night, the day that it’s time to capture physical homage to the spirit of a little more than normal by raising ceremony to be very good. Tea should fill the cup all the time, do not let the lack of money to have a consistently perfect sound.

The Cleaning day of the shrine Chineses “Ti Zhu AIE”.

It is recommended that you move the censer itself. That’s because Joss is part of your house. Cleaning should use one hand to hold the incense burner or holding it, then wipe clean with plain water around the pot. If the incense burner did the same. Press and hold the incense censer, and then another hand out to the Kim Puy (red of small fabric) and up the tally to change the New Year, Chinese New Year, it’s enough.

For example, a shrine to China Ti Zhu AIE, made of wood carved well. I want to leave a comment pearl furniture give you that. Do not leave false philanthropy merits, this is very important. No less than do Benefactor very few problems Benefactor little more trouble Do not be stingy philanthropy Making full faith, it must be mindful not to do so exhausted I would be much less dependent on faith-based. I do it for my home, so I do wealthy, making it clearly. But do I want to renew Buddhism is the main and back.

From merit, as he was praying that you will dedicate merit to China by Ti Zhu AIE is a great merit to both coarse and fine. Sir, with China Ti Zhu AIE want merit, such as a human. Do this every day and wishes he did not live far away indeed.

The chineses shrine is a living place of spirit of attendant and loyalty and bless to anyone who believe and faith him and he will protect you. This fact is Immortalreally and close with all men.

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