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The importance of the Chinese horoscope

If we are to believe the story of the National Front, the cycle of death. We believe that people are born different, many people of the incredible fathomless. I understand fate or God or the easier it is to take all four of them started before the womb, no one escaped. Like a computer chip embedded in the identity of anyone by that we do not define. Based on the merit in the past of both good and evil deeds. Of the past, that we are being punished and what I did eat the bun. If anyone can determine their own fate. Everyone would be a millionaire ball well. Or born in a rich family or handsome / pretty stellar stuff like this.

So while we are born as human beings have in this regard is the highest merit. Does not happen so easily, so you should be proud to be born as a human on this earth. The chance of accumulating merit, as many other brands up to me, do not ever give nobody any good or failed life. During the fall, it would have to seek the knowledge that should fix it. Or to the temple of which some will be ผeonhnakepeneba. Do not suicide Or hurt the fate of all people are born with a troubled them. Millionaires and billionaires are suffering I believe you have to be patient and let life get me. Today is our one chance.

In ancient times, the Chinese have been trying to find a formula crush unlatch interpret an individual’s life came to be. It eventually found a way to calculate the predicted life up to the date of birth and time of birth of each person that becomes a science inherited a thousand subjects. “Sex and the Tien Cheng Yi’s” This course is legendary. Millennium with high accuracy And can be used to predict a person’s life at any age. Even today Because that’s what people like to know in advance about their lives too will be resolved promptly.

Of “Sex and Yi fourth Tie that” translated into Thailand is the letter of the element 8 letters and 4 pole sacred of all consists of 5 elements with the element formation or promotion and transfer the power of the elements, including rare earth Thong water element. Wood and fire and superb blue sign on the 10th, and the ground is my basic 12 or 12 old enough and know the periodic potential of the person (knowing the past, present and future), consists of a combination of elements sign on and sign below. I have 60 pairs or include S. Chu and Sing, goddess particles and so sleazy.

The Chinese Beverly Yi Tie the four. The art of Ancient Chinese mainland for thousands of years with high accuracy. Current published around the world. It is a branch of science of feng shui and mausoleum. Feng anyone who goes through the course of four Eten Beverly Yee is the first course before studying Feng Shui has. Feng is necessary to know the background of that person in order to use the feng shui of the living and of the mausoleum of the dead. The expertise of each Feng will vary depending on the needs and experiences of each individual.

Puoy Yi Si Tiew subjects in a Tie. Can tell you that all matters relating to that person, whether it is about as well-being. During a career that suits it well to the adversity during the rest What do I tell. Pair exhaustion or family life, health, business partners, parents, siblings, children, family, etc. I was incredibly exhausted.

For a teacher to teacher, the one who has inherited Chinese astrology comes from a patriarchal one. Currently, teachers are confident in the knowledge that the science itself is at a level that can provide you with everything you need to know about the fate of their own. I knew then I would say the solution is to do.   Therefore, as a teacher for the analysis. It will benefit two things. Knows the future and knows how to fix it with an advantage of living in the future.

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