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Fengshui Consult Services

1. Design and Setting Tee-ju-lya to matching your fortune supporting your luck and household – installing the spririt in Tee-Ju-Lya’s house.

2. Fixing and Rearranging fengshui to finding the place aucpicious place – making owner’s fortune prosperity in many ways

3. Consulting Home and Office fengshui or any kind of householding or place – take over the fenghui work from other who made mistake and harmful your luck by survaying water’s position (placing of gold) and Place’s Dragon (Resurraction of energy dragon) and finally the god positiong including inside and outside home and factory without destroying any constructure as much as i can do but focusing on rearraging or moving things to correct positon to matching your luck (inbound and outbound servicees ^^)

4. Being your consultant for oraganization company or goverment.

5. Giving your  advice to fix the  bad chinese constellation years  (12  chinese zodiac year) – where to make marit with angles’s place.

6. Finding the best time for your time’s event such as married, moke hood, surgery, open new bussiness , giving birth and  specify time to sign a contract