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The importance of the Chinese horoscope

If we are to believe the story of the National Front, the cycle of death. We believe that people are born different, many people of the incredible fathomless. I understand fate or God or the easier it is to take all four of them started before the womb, no one escaped. Like a computer chip […]

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To solve the bad year of the chinese constellation year, part 2

The bad year of the chinese constellation year can express in various ways. I prefer to call Chong (ชง Thai Langauge) in this articles. First of all back to years ago, My techer told me about Chong or the Bad year of the chinese constellation year that there are 6 of the bad year of […]

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How to worship the chineses shrine for your prosperity life?

How to pray for a spirit of house protector in the Small Chinese Shrine  to be fruitful.   The worshiping of wealth and therefore contributes to the family, everyone is happy to do it but it depends on factors such as. 1. Who is the owner or occupant of the house had to have faith. […]

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Do you know about “huh” or Soulmate?

The topic of “HA” or Soulmate can be used to see in terms of doing business that does not do it alone and not only about to get married. It has partnered with to see how our partners are making it or not. Time doing business together haven’t an obstacle itself, which according to Chinese […]

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Chinese Goddess who should know

Great deity Star Princess Mother Shrine of  Chao Na ja Sa Tai Chih. The Mahayana Buddhist Scriptures.  The subject “Deity Bodhisattva  Thammabal 24 Lord is the Lord God who preserved Buddhism in the Mahayana” Today teacher would like to share with us for the good of the souls that sacred respect to acts, fortune and […]

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The results obtained from the Chinese Gods.

The following is excerpted from the newspaper “Kom Chat Luk” on January 30, 2552 edition of the column Forums – Forum: Celebrities refuge. The reporter was interviewing a famous businessman. You Rakphongphairoj Rajata estate owners, real estate and hotel chain. “Phongphet Group B” has more than 8,000 acres of property and land. Khun Phongphairoj  giving […]

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“Pi Xiu” God called for the property

“God  Pi Xiu” is a type of angels.   The effect  call on the money in, does not out, have the grandeur of God Pi Xiu will assist people with a fortune accessories. A merit-old made it and then some. But the trouble about money, etc. God Pi Xiu energetic particles and the sleazy in itself. […]

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Choosing car’s color with Thai Astrology & fix the bad luck

For one who has to know which color is a bad luck color for your day of the week. For example, if you were born at Sunday, you have a bad color for this day is white which is color on your car could make you an accident. So, there is a technique to avoid […]

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How “Chong” affects the fate of the people life?

The other day i had the opportunity to meet with a  student who is a businessman. This disciple was known professors from the introduction of the response. I know that I was a savant He mentioned that this course is not true, you do not honestly believe. For he and his brothers had hired savant […]

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